Preparation before putting graphite electrode on furnace

Graphite electrode is a low consumption and low pollution product, which is of great social significance today when energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection are advocated. As one of the important consumables in metal smelting process, graphite electrode needs to be well protected before putting them on furnace, so that enterprises can reduce production costs.

1.Remove the protective cover of the new electrode hole, and check whether the internal thread of the electrode hole is complete. If the thread is incomplete, contact the after-sales service technician to determine whether the electrode can be used; Check whether the hole is clean. If not, clean it before use.

2.Screw the electrode sling into the electrode hole at one end, and place a cushion under the other end of the electrode to avoid damaging the electrode connector.

3.Use compressed air to blow out the dust and sundries on the surface of the electrode to be connected and in the hole, and then blow out the dust and sundries on the surface of the new electrode and the connector; If the compressed air cannot blow the electrode surface clean, use a brush to clean it.