Precautions during transportation and storage of graphite electrode

Graphite electrode is a low consumption and low pollution product, which is of great social significance today when energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection are advocated. As one of the important consumables in metal smelting process, graphite electrode needs to be well protected during transportation and storage, so that enterprises can reduce production costs.

1.When lifting or transporting the electrode, be careful to prevent the electrode from slipping and damaging due to the tilt of the electrode.

2.In order to ensure that the electrode end face and electrode thread are in good condition, please do not directly use iron hooks to hook the holes at both ends of the electrode to lift the electrode.

3.When loading and unloading the joint box, it shall be handled with care to prevent the joint from being bumped and causing thread damage.

4.Please do not directly stack the electrodes and connectors on the ground, but put them on the wooden or iron frame to prevent the electrodes from being damaged or stuck with soil. Do not remove the packaging of electrodes and connectors that are not used temporarily, and prevent dust and debris from falling onto the threads or electrode holes.

5.The electrodes shall be placed neatly in the warehouse, and the two sides of the electrode stack shall be padded to prevent skidding. The stacking height of electrodes shall not exceed 2m generally.

6.The stored electrodes shall be protected against rain and moisture. The wet electrode shall be dried before use to avoid cracks and increased oxidation during steelmaking.

7.The electrode connector shall not be stored near the high temperature place to prevent the connector bolt from melting due to high temperature.