Measures to reduce electrode oxidation consumption in electric arc furnace steel-making

Graphite electrode is one of the main consumables in the steel smelting process. If an enterprise has mastered the method of reducing electrode oxidation consumption, it will help itself to reduce the consumption of raw materials, thus reducing production costs. This paper introduces the following methods to help steel-making enterprises reduce electrode oxidation consumption.

A.Reduce the oxidation consumption around the electrode, strengthen the tightness of the furnace, and reduce the air intrusion into the furnace; The exposure time of the hot electrode outside the furnace shall be reduced as far as possible, and the oxygen blowing operation shall be standardized.

B.For the smelting furnace, if conditions permit, spray cooling technology should be used for the electrode, which can effectively reduce the oxidation consumption of electrode side.

C.The steel plant can spray antioxidant on the electrode surface, or the electrode manufacturer can treat the electrode with antioxidant impregnation technology before the electrode leaves the factory, which can improve the oxidation resistance of graphite electrode.